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20 93 Betting Thread
by Pierce Littleton D2[earthling]
Jan 8, 2014 12:42:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Cornucopia

The first thing the tributes will notice as they rise onto their plates is the Cornucopia that isn’t really a Cornucopia at all, but some sort of bouncy castle that completely surrounds them. Unfortunately, the exits are very small – too small to comfortably leave, really – and the floors clearly unstable, so tributes might find themselves stumbling out of the Bloodbath rather than exiting gracefully.

4 220 FUN ON DAY 2 #Fight
by Meghan
Dec 28, 2013 21:02:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Giant Slide

Merely feet just after the bouncy castle Cornucopia ends, a steep purple slide starts. Tributes may be hard pressed to change their course once they’ve reached this plateau – that is, if they don’t immediately crash down the slide in their hurry to flee. Choose your direction wisely, tributes, for there’s no telling what you might find once you reach the ground.

4 48 A 'Slide' to remember // mockingjays
by kousei ♚
Dec 28, 2013 15:28:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Carnival Games

Just south of the Cornucopia, the first thing the tributes will see is an assortment of dark-colored tents organized in rows spanning far into the distance. Upon a closer look, you’ll find that an array of games have been set up for you to play.. except the prizes hanging from the walls are monstrous-looking, from droopy-eyed clown dolls to stuffed animals that look far, far too pleased to see you. And did that one just... move?

1 6 getcha head in the game {MAHOGANY
by Kire
Dec 28, 2013 15:30:04 GMT -5
No New Posts Food Tents

Tributes that take the slide to the left of the Cornucopia may find themselves in an area comprised entirely out of tents with various advertisements plastered onto signs above them. While the area smells sweet and inviting – and there are clearly stations set up with food – tributes must first get past the fact that the ground is covered two-inches deep in what appears to be congealed blood and, every so often, a giant, rotting Elephant ear.

4 24 The Stew is Cold//Greasy Sae's Death Post
by sbeeg
Dec 28, 2013 20:47:55 GMT -5
No New Posts Tilt-a-Whirl

The one drawback to this ride is that it isn’t always moving, which isn’t very fun at all. While that fact may be reassuring to the tributes, there is clear evidence that the ride has been used before, and if you wait long enough you’ll find that it will start up again. More than anything, it looks run-down, with chipped paint and wobbly seats and even a random patch of dried vomit here and there, but what’s the harm in trying it out before you die?

2 43 rand 'n round 'n round we go /Cinna vs Maysilee
by johnny scaletta d6 ★ k!ah
Dec 28, 2013 21:09:48 GMT -5
No New Posts Petting Zoo

A large fence separates this location from the areas surrounding it, with gates at every adjoining area. Signs hanging from the gates warn you to keep the gate closed, and for good reason. A slight buzzing sound rests in the air, though it may not immediately be clear if it comes from the thousands of flies buzzing around the piles of manure or if perhaps the fence is electrified. Beyond it, hundreds upon hundreds of baby animals sleep, and they don’t look deadly in the slightest.. or so you hope.

2 34 the animal inside - Madge/Edith
by Cait
Dec 28, 2013 21:03:13 GMT -5
No New Posts House of Mirrors

Upon entering through one of several doors leading into this House of Mirrors, tributes will immediately find themselves staring at a reflection of themselves. In fact, they’ll see three or four reflections – a haunting sight for the weary tributes trying to avoid their competitors. Thankfully, it’s more than likely that the images all around are your own, but be careful, tributes: you never know what (or who) may be lurking just around the corner.

5 72 Party Games [Finale]
by mirage vigil d9 [python]
Dec 28, 2013 22:47:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Bumper Cars

This large-scale version of a bumper cars ride is a frightening sight, mainly because the cars don’t actually seem to be bumping into each other, but rather colliding at a speed that can’t at all be deemed safe. Fragments of broken cars litter the floor as others fly past, and every so often a loud CRASH will sound through the air. Still, mixed among the fast-paced cars are a few that seem to be going at a normal speed, and the daredevils among you may just enjoy the ride.

5 97 Nine Lives Weren't Enough [Buttercup death]
by Kire
Dec 28, 2013 21:02:03 GMT -5

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